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Vom Nutzen der Erinnerung


Rußlands innerer Zustand weckt Besorgnis. Die politische Elite des Landes ist tief gespalten und in eskalierende Machtkämpfe verwickelt. Der Streit um die Verfassungsregeln führt das Land in einen kurzen Bürgerkrieg, in dem das oppositionelle Lager durch den Einsatz der Armee ausgeschaltet wird. Zeitungen, Parteien und NGO’s werden verboten. Wahlen zu den Regierungen der Provinzen werden ausgesetzt; es ist der Präsident, der die Gouverneure der Regionen ernennt.

Wahlen zur Staatsduma und in das Präsidentenamt werden manipuliert; oppositionelle Parteien erhalten keinen Zugang zu den elektronischen Medien oder werden durch negative … Continue Reading ››

Litvinenko: The Alleged Iranian Trail and the Mossad


Russian sources are now suggesting A. Litvinenko might have been involved in the smuggling of Polonium 210 to Iran. This is obviously farcical for two reasons:

First of all, this looks like an excellent public relations coup: Nothing else could shake Litvinenko's credibility and appraisal in western public opinion more than his collusion with the alleged nuclear weapons programme of Iran. This rumour about Litvinenko's smuggling is precisely meant to wreck his image. Is is furthered by leaked allegations of D. Kovtun that Litvinenko was in … Continue Reading ››

The Litvinenko Murder


The murder of the former FSB agent A. Litvinenko is a heinous crime. The substance used – Polonium 210 –, causing a slow and painful death, indicates that the perpetrators were vying for utmost public attention. Otherwise Litvinenko could have simply been gunned down by contract killers. In addition, the murderers deliberately left a trail implicating a direct Russian involvement, particularly the traces of Polonium found in planes used for Russian destinations. Furthermore, these many places with Polonium contamination are meant to disguise the professionalism of the perpetrators; the … Continue Reading ››