Member of the International Security Research Group (ISRG) at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

Main Research Areas:

Russia : foreign and security policies

USA: foreign and security policies

Strategic arms control and WMD Proliferation

Energy security of the EU in the oil and gas sector

Recent research projects:

Research project on the sanctions regimes imposed on Russia, Iran and North Korea – funded by the Jubiläumsfonds of the Austrian National Bank. Finished in February 2021.

Energy Security of the European Union: Diversifying Energy Suppliers and Energy Carriers. The research project is funded by the Jubiläumsfonds of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB) and was finished in July 2010.

EU Energy Security, Russian Energy Supplies and the Relevance of the Black Sea Region as a Supply and Transit Area of Oil and Gas‘. Research project for the Austrian Federal Chancellery, finished in December 2008.

Rebuilding the Russian State: Constitution and Political Reform in Russia under Putin“. The research project is funded by the Jubiläumsfonds of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB), finished in June 2008.

Wider Europe. Transatlantic Challenges and Opportunities.” Phase I will deal with Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Phase II will deal with the Black Sea Region. The research project was funded by the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation and undertaken in co-operation with the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at the Johns Hopkins University in Washington. The project ended in December 2008.

Recent Conference Projects:

Transatlantic Discord. Combating Terrorism and Proliferation, Preventing Crises (2005)

The Battle for Ukraine (2006)

The New Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Washington, 24th April 2007.

Ukraine und Belarus. Vienna, July 4th 2007.

Wider Europe: The Black Sea Region: Threats, Challenges and Interests‘ (June 2008).