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Funktionalisierung der Shoah

usa_israel_flag_large.jpgJohn Mearsheimer und Stephen Walt haben in ihrem viel beachteten, wenn auch umstrittenen Buch ‚The Israel Lobby‘ (2007) deutlich gemacht, wie sehr jüdische Interessenverbände, allen voran das American-Israel Public Affairs Commitee (AIPAC), die Außenpolitik der USA zu beeinflussen vermögen. Dieses Lager sei imstande, strategische Entscheidungen der USA im Nahen und Mittleren Osten zu erwirken, die Staats- und Sicherheitsinteressen Israels dienlich sind, aber zentrale Interessen der USA verletzten. Das nationale Interesse der USA werde dadurch in Geiselhaft der Interessen Israels genommen. Mearsheimer und Walt sind – dies gilt es zu beachten – … Continue Reading ››

Iraq: Surge and Conquer

us_helicopters.jpgIraq is not about democracy. Despite democratic globalist’s emphasis on US moral obligations to spread democracy globally even by military means it is time to return to a realist perspective and start defending US and allied powers’ vital interests. Democracy does not work in current Iraq and democratizing this country should have never been of any concern to the US. Had realist motivations prevailed in 2003 the US would never have intervened in Iraq militarily in the first place.

However, it is idle to lament on … Continue Reading ››

The Fairy Tales of Multilateralism


With the US tied down in the Iraqi quagmire, leftist intellectuals urge the US to abandon allegedly neocon unilateralism and return to concepts of multilateralism. Multilateralism is praised as a panacea for handling failing states, terrorism or proliferation. The op-eds are full with multilateral recipes for handling crises in all corners of the globe.

Those advocates however hardly ever define what they mean by multilateralism. Does their multilateralism call for consensus among the P-5, the veto-holding powers in the SC of the UN, as a noble principle or … Continue Reading ››

Iraq: Don’t cut and run but change course


Iraq is much too important to Western interests to be abandoned. The US and its allies – and far too few countries consider themselves to be US allies with shared interests – must not give in to calls to weaken its presence in Iraq. The Baker Commission's recommendations are playing to US public opinion which longs for a change of course in Iraq and a soon withdrawal of US troops. However, the Commission does not offer reasonable solutions to address the current Iraqi quagmire without … Continue Reading ››